The e-learning (distance training) is a teaching method.

It's characterized by the association of a pedagogy adapted to the needs of the learner, taking advantages of the opportunities offered by the last technologies (virtual classroom, podcasts, follow-up on internet…) and offers many advantages both to the learner and the company.

Indeed the e-learning succeeded in the companies whatever their size or industry and is today really spreading.

The arguments in favor of the e-learning are numerous : thanks to this distance training method, we propose you personalized programs, in harmony with the needs and objectives of the company, a cost saving linked to the business trips, an ease of access, a qualitative and personalized follow up, a dynamic improvement…Read more

The mobile learning is an adapted version for a mobile use for learners, mainly on tablet.

The mobile learning is a method which allows delivering distance trainings on others media than the desktop. Thus, thanks to the various…Read more

What is Teach.dom?

Thanks to the Teach.dom method, virtual classroom tool, your learners understand and learn the content of the training very quickly. They become operational the very next day. Thus, our virtual classroom tool can train a whole team in one day, efficiently and durably, through an economic way and without business…Read more

Edivista edits custom content because we are aware that the training needs of each client are different.

The production of content is an essential stage in the e-learning module creation process. That’s why we grant it the greatest care proposing you a wide range of solutions and contents…Read more

Whatever is the kind of training made by the learners, it’s important and even essential to measure the contribution of the trainings for your partners and your company.

Indeed, it’s about measuring the efficiency of the training program of the learners to realize the long-term impact of these trainings over the results…Read more

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