Our training engineering especially focuses on the competences development to meet your specific training needs and requirements.

Thus, our training engineering involves:

  • Analysis practices and methods for the demand of your training needs
  • Methods and approaches inspired by the action mapping and the teaching through the experience
  • The coordination and the training support
  • The training assessment

This competence is characterized by:

  1. The realization and the management of your multimedia projects
  2. The use of agile methods
  3. The willingness of a committed relationship with our client
  4. The use of industry leading methods

This know how let us:

  1. Provide personalized solutions
  2. Ensuring a technology watch in order to make durable solutions
  3. To use well-tried methods of production

This competence let us:

  1. Choosing the whole design, creation and adaptation approaches of your teaching projects
  2. Gathering the whole tools and methods to learn with teaching objectives clearly defined
  3. Creating teaching methods and tools adapted to your learner
  1. We have an experience in the development and the deployment of skill bases
  2. The skills and human capital management are a common practice in Anglo-saxons companies that we experience
  3. We are interested in the portfolio and others evolutions in talent management

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