Virtual classroom tool (Teach.dom)

What is Teach.dom?

Thanks to the Teach.dom method, virtual classroom tool, your learners understand and learn the content of the training very quickly. They become operational the very next day. Thus, our virtual classroom tool can train a whole team in one day, efficiently and durably, through an economic way and without business travels problems! (The average success of program learners is higher than 80% for 100 learners).

Indeed, Teach.dom is a relevant training method coming from the thinking and the willing of training efficiently your pharmaceutical representatives and any other employees at lower cost, exploiting as much as possible the advantages offered by the e-learning.

Our teaching training method Teach.dom can be used for:

  1. The initial training of your learners
  2. The lifelong training of your learners
  3. The training linked to the roll out of a new product

Why choosingTeach.dom?

Teach.dom it’s efficient!

  1. Our method enjoys a well-tried experience: more than 5000 training/learners days.
  2. Teach.dom is efficient and flexible, whatever is the number of learners, the implementation is simple.

Teach.dom it’s simple!

  1. The learner is at home, he knows exactly what he has to do. He uses teaching supports especially created and adapted for this method: he is actor of its training.
  2. He is long-distance supervised by a tutor. By simple calls, he joins up with his virtual classroom: 4 times a day.
  3. He logs on internet through any kind of technologic media (Desktop, tablet, smartphone…) to validate its knowledge: he is involved in his training.

Teach.dom it’s economical!

  1. The Teach.dom method makes you save your money regarding transport, time, booking and renting which can be important, above all when the number of learners to train is large.

Teach.dom: supports for a teaching method

The teach.dom method leans on a wide range of multimedia supports. So the learners will be able to get content on:

  1. Papers
  2. Slide shows
  3. Podcasts
  4. Web thanks to the login in LMS Edivista platform

All these media give access to the various courses, exercises and applications. You will find:

  1. Focusing exercises «You know more than you think».
  2. Various ways of reading, well spaced courses including illustrations, sound, video and 3D elements when the media is compatible.
  3. Dictionaries, key points, mini tests, brainstorming, additional info…
  4. Online tests to help for memorization and for miss diagnostics.

Finally, the LMS Edivista platform allows:

  1. Skills assessment
  2. Simulations
  3. The follow-up and the continuous support of the learners

And what about the Training manager here?

  1. We support you for the preparation of your trainings.
  2. You become the trainer of the tutors, who will train the learners of the Teach.dom method through virtual classroom.
  3. All your training content, paper or digital, can be transformed into interactive multimedia e-learning contents and can be accessible on various media, notably our LMS platform.

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