Whatever is the kind of training made by the learners, it’s important and even essential to measure the contribution of the trainings for your partners and your company.

Indeed, it’s about measuring the efficiency of the training program of the learners to realize the long-term impact of these trainings over the results and the performance of the company.

The skills assessment is one of the strategic issues of the company. It’s necessary for:

  1. Recruitment policies (identification of missing skills)
  2. Training policies (skills development and maintenance)
  3. Career management (adapt the skills to the jobs)

Depending on the objectives of the company, we propose you to carry out personalized assessment systems which allow you to prescribe relevant trainings. Moreover, the assessment is in the core of our training device because we know that regulatory pressures and the obligation of knowledge’s employees measurement is a key issue regarding human resources management in companies.

The assessments enable to establish quantitative and qualitative reports and thus analyzing important data at two levels: individual or general, in order to succeed in the achievement of the objectives of training strategies and development initially set up.

Furthermore, the assessment comprises many advantages which will give all sense to the different training programs followed by the learners:

  1. Involve naturally the trainers
  2. Validate the prerequisite
  3. Position the learners
  4. Measure the acquired skills

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