Mobile learning :

The mobile learning is an adapted version for a mobile use for learners, mainly on tablet.

The mobile learning is a method which allows delivering distance trainings on others media than the desktop. Thus, thanks to the various developed applications, the learner can continue its training wherever is he.

As a distance training tool, the mobile learning can take several forms:

  1. Text documents
  2. Comic strips
  3. Pictures
  4. Videos
  5. Sound
  6. Podcasts
  7. Complete training programs

For the client, mobile learning is often seen as a complement for e-learning and blended learning methods but in fact it can completely substitute them if the client decides to work entirely with tablets or smart phones.
The development on mobile media make mobile learning particularly interesting for employees who are often doing business trips, or who don’t have a regular desk or simply for teams which appreciate the ergonomics and comfort of these new work equipments.

Advantages of mobile learning:

  1. Flexibility: the mobile learning training is accessible at any moment
  2. Accessibility: the mobile learning training is accessible anywhere
  3. Includes all the advantages of the e-learning

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