Edivista is equipped with a learning management system (LMS)

Web software especially developed to support each people involved in a teaching training and for the management of teaching programs.

This platform is perfect for the companies which want to out source their LMS in Saas or temporarily propose a remote access of their content…Read more

We propose you tools for sales force management and follow-up of your employees.

Tool’s description:

  1. A tool for the « business » skills development. It’s adaptable for the specific needs of each company.
  2. The tool is used “in Duo” gathering the employee and its training manager.
  3. It allows you to set target goals and enables you to assess the evolution over time of your sales talent.
  4. The exploitation of the computerized data base guarantees the coherence between the setting and the follow up of goals of progress thanks to the traceability of these objectives

Our competence management tool offers 4 high functionalities:

  1. Online reporting and report…Read more

We use tools which allow the editing, the management and the cross media publication of teaching training documents.

You can use these documents in various contexts:

  1. Doing a face-to-face course
  2. Producing a reference paper document
  3. Promoting a distance training
  4. Promoting a mobile course: on tablets or smart phones
  5. Exchanging contents with other companies

One of Edivista’s strength resides in the fact that the multi-usage contents serve all the structures within a company from finances to marketing and management….Read more

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