Learning management system

Edivista is equipped with a learning management system (LMS)

Web software especially developed to support each people involved in a teaching training and for the management of teaching programs.

This platform is perfect for the companies which want to outsource their LMS in Saas or temporarily propose a remote access of their content.

The added value of our LMS is its simplicity of implementation and use. We propose monthly rental with rates that decrease as a function of the number of people and the lease period.

Our LMS Edivistae platform works through 2 kinds of users:

  1. The trainer
  2. The learner

The services provided by our LMS Synakène platform include:

  1. An access control
  2. An individualized follow-up
  3. A Group administration

The advantages of our LMS Edivista platform:

  1. The host of a large amount of multimedia teaching resources
  2. An access control to the resources
  3. A wide range of teaching activities

Assessment tools:

We also provide a fast and efficient set up of assessments or online serious questionnaires, quizzes and forms.

Our system includes internal quizzes generator in the form of MCQ, true/false, fill-in the gaps, matching…These activities are submitted to validation or are proposed as auto-evaluation regulation activities. It’s possible to customize the quiz with a fixed duration and goals to achieve.
Of course the results of these assessment activities are taken into account in the management of the teaching programs.

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Contact us if you have a quiz to put online quickly, our team will be able to help you.

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