Cross-media content editor

We use tools which allow the editing, the management and the cross media publication of teaching training documents.

You can use these documents in various contexts:

  1. Doing a face-to-face course
  2. Producing a reference paper document
  3. Promoting a distance training
  4. Promoting a mobile course: on tablets or smart phones
  5. Exchanging contents with other companies

One of Edivista’s strength resides in the fact that the multi-usage contents serve all the structures within a company from finances to marketing and management.

Thanks to our team, we can produce and edit contents on many formats and tools:

  1. Content edition according to the market standard formats: html5, flash, Rss …
  2. We can also work with your tools or standard e-learning content production tools: Adobe, trade e-learning tools, web tools…

By making compulsory the separation between the core and the form, the editorial chain brings the answer for the following needs:

  1. Producing on different formats without duplicating the content (cross-media publication)
  2. Ensuring a graphic chart in an multi-authors environment
  3. Allowing a better simplicity when updating (be it content or graphic chart)
  4. Allowing authors providing content without mastering the publication technologies

In order to provide more efficient solutions with regard to the teaching, we developed a know how in the use of editorial chains.

Additionally, Scenari which was developed by the UTC of Compiegne is widely used in the academic mode.

An editorial chain is a technological process, coming from the research in documentary engineering. The approach consists in realizing a document model, supporting the tasks of production and automating the format.

The interest is to decrease the cost of production and maintenance of the content and improving the control of the quality.

To do this, with the editorial chain we can produce documents:

  1. Printable (PDF)
  2. Web (HTML)
  3. Web SCORM for a use on LMS training platform (SCORM 1.2 and 2004)
  4. Slide show (HTML format) for projection
  5. Rss feeds and mobile medias

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