Tool for competence management

We propose you tools for sales force management and follow-up of your employees.

Tool’s description:

  1. A tool for the « business » skills development. It’s adaptable for the specific needs of each company.
  2. The tool is used “in Duo” gathering the employee and its training manager.
  3. It allows you to set target goals and enables you to assess the evolution over time of your sales talent.
  4. The exploitation of the computerized data base guarantees the coherence between the setting and the follow-up of target goals thanks to the traceability of these objectives

Our competence management tool offers 4 high functionalities:

  1. Online reporting and report storage in «Duo».
  2. A statistical analysis of the data collected, be they national, regional or individual
  3. Simplification of the circuit thanks to the implemented workflow sending simultaneously a mail copy of the «Duo» reporting (PDF format) to the employee, the editor of the report and any other people appointed by the company.
  4. Accessible easily and quickly by web and mobile devices such as tablets.

Our competence management tool offers 3 essential advantages:

  1. Simplicity of use thanks to a cleverly thought interface
  2. Computerized data base exploitation allowing all possible analyses
  3. Rigor of the group management facilitated by various functionalities of the tool

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