Digital comics trips and Branching scenarios

Edivista developed an innovative use of the teaching comic strip in order to make easier the appropriation of the subject by the learner through the creation and screenwriting of branching scenarios.

We work with professionals of digital comic strips who can write screenplays and illustrate sequences developed by the trainers and health professionals. We work upstream with the authors, screenwriters and illustrators to reinforce the impact of teaching activities.

Edivista’s branching scenarios

The branching scenario is an interactive comic strip which will plunge the learner in a credible and immersive universe, in which he will be able to identify himself. Actually, this experience will set the context to the learner: the simulation of a case in its usual working environment. Indeed, the learner won’t only be a spectator. He will embody the role of actor throughout the simulation.

Thanks to the branching scenario, the learner will take full advantage of the interactivity of this media which is characterized by the choices to do and which constitute together a branching tree.

The advantages of Branching scenarios and Digital comic strips:

  1. Make the learner embody a role
  2. Take full advantage of the capacity of the comic strip
  3. Favor the learning by trial and error for an efficiency of understanding and an increased memorization
  4. To bring feedbacks and establish skills assessment
  5. To provide both digital and paper versions, it’s practical and cost effective for the client

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The digital comic strip allows communicating with many languages easily and also in the countries where people can’t read.

The immersive potential of comic strips allows to illustrate concretely the key messages of the training modules and the scene setting.

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